Lending Helping Hands To Natural and Alternative Health Copywriters, Authors, Marketers, and Companies (ask about other subjects I work on, as well) 

You’ve just found a freelance internet research specialist with extensive alternative health experience.  I’ve found a better way with natural, holistic, and chiropractic health and love to help others learn about this way so they too, can live a longer, more fulfilled life.  

Hi and welcome to my website.  Let me help you find a way to help old and potential new clients find a better way of life through natural forms of well being. In so doing, you’ll find more time and money to enjoy life or work on more profitable projects!

Now, I know you love to write but, all that research… If there’d only be a way to write without having to search through the trillions of pages of information on the web, looking for credible facts and relevant information you need to help clients and readers understand the benefits of natural, alternative, and/or holistic health and services.

That’s where I come in.

I’ve had nearly a lifetime of natural health interest and experience, keeping my family and myself healthy naturally.

I’ve turned that experience into a research service. I scour the internet for information on your health-related topic and give you the most relevant results you can use as you craft your marketing message. You’ll love how my thorough research helps you write clear, effective copy and in turn, helps you earn 25-50% more!

If you’re a natural health copywriter, marketer or author who feels like you’ve spent too much time researching when you should be focusing on other high-value tasks, I can help! Go to my services page to find the various ways I do this.

Drop me a note by filling out my contact form.  I will get back to you within 48 hours and I look forward to “lending YOU helping hands”!